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New blog…The Music Mummy

This blog is moving!

If you follow any of my social media you may have spotted that I’ve mentioned a big name change for the blog a few times now. Shortly after I post this I’m going to officially change the name of the blog and move to The Music Mummy  I’m a bit of a technology novice and it ended up being that I moved the whole blog over to a new address. You can still find all my old posts on the new site. For those people who know me in the real world, the name change will make sense. I am a mum to a toddler but also a musician, music teacher and music lover.

Sadly moving my site has meant I’ve lost my lovely subscribers (that’s what you get for using free wordpress) so please do head over to the new site and sign up again! I’d love to see you there. There is also a post that explains the reason for the name change and what you can expect from the new blog.

Thank you for finding me at being becky blog and thanks to those who had subscribed. I do hope to see you again!

Becky XX


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