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3 Toddler books we love

I absolutely love reading and have always tried to encourage my daughter to listen to stories. We included a story in her bedtime routine from when she was about 8 weeks old. She used to lie on the bed whilst I read her all sorts of different stories including the whole of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. As she got older and had the ability to move she would never sit still and listen to a whole story. We’d read about 2 pages and she’d push the book away and want a new one. I was starting to worry that she hated books.

Fortunately, she has recently started to love books and finally will sit and listen to a whole story. She loves to run off and find her favourites and bring them back to us. We usually have to read them several times in a row.

She has many favourites but I thought I’d just mention her current top 3.

  1. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear-Carol Lawson. This book used to be my sisters when she was little and Zara absolutely adores it. I think it’s actually based on a nursery rhyme so there are lots of versions of the book. This one is illustrated so beautifully with all the little teddy bears doing the actions. It’s a great bedtime story because it ends with the teddy bear going to bed. My mum sang it to Zara and now Zara sings it as we read the book. It is adorable. If you find my Facebook page Being Becky Blog, you can see a little video of her singing the song. This was has been a firm favourite for months now and she still goes and gets it, sits herself down and sings the whole thing from start to finish. So cute!

2. Animal Music-Julia Donaldson and Nick Sherratt. This one is a new favourite. We got it from the library and she loves it and then randomly my mum bought her a copy without even knowing we had one. I have a bit of a thing about badgers which I seem to be passing on to Zara. There is a page in this book with a picture of a badger playing the drums. She loves the book but she particularly loves the badger page. She calls it the badger book.

3. My First Bible Stories-Dawn Machell. I know this won’t be everyone’s thing but we recently got this Bible stories book. It includes a variety of well known Bible stories such as Noah, Moses, The Nativity and The Easter Story. The stories all rhyme and the illustrations are colourful and engaging. Zara loves this book so much and is always asking for ‘more bible’ which is very sweet.

I cannot write a post about books without mentioning the fact that Zara had a sneak peak at her Aunties new book. I can’t recommend it as you cannot buy it yet but I’m sure there will be many posts to come recommending her beautiful books.


Please let me know any favourite books you may have. I’d love to continue to add to our collection!


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