4 random things I’ve learnt about parenting a toddler

I don’t know when it happened but Zara is very much a little toddler these days with lots of toddling, lots of opinions and lots and lots of fun. Here are a few things I’ve learnt recently about being a mum to a little toddler person!

  1. Do not order porridge. We absolutely love going out for breakfast. Recently we visited the lovely Cheese and Alfie’s in Christchurch. They have a great kids menu with a whole range of options but for some mad reason I ordered Zara some porridge. The cafe was quite busy so service was bordering on slow and Zara was getting pretty hungry. The porridge arrived and Zara was desperate to get into her high chair and gobble it up but it was SO SO SO hot. I made Dan go outside with it to attempt to cool it down more quickly. Zara was not impressed.
  2. Do not measure the height of your child and write it on the wall. I thought it might be nice to start a little height chart on the wall in the landing to track Zara as she grew. She stood beautifully against the wall and I made a little mark to show how tall she was. Zara watched me closely and then proceeded to seize the pencil and scribble all over the wall. Now every time she finds a pencil or crayon she immediately heads towards the nearest wall with a look of sheer glee on her face.
  3. Don’t go too far without some sort of baby carrying device.   Zarahas always hated the buggy and loves walking. It is always tempting to leave the buggy in the car and walk/carry her. This is usually a terrible idea. Toddlers will not walk in the direction you want them to. They will stop to pick up an interesting looking stone…or flower…or disgusting rubbish/cigarette butt/dog poo. They will want to sit on every bench or kiss their reflection in a window. They may even decide to just sit down on the floor and chill out for a bit when you are really trying to hurry.


The absolute worst thing you can do is decide to get a coffee when you don’t have the buggy. I did this recently at a nearby shopping centre. Zara decided she didn’t want to walk in the direction of the car. She wanted to walk off to see the statue of a monkey in the opposite direction (even though we had already spent quite a long time kissing it and shouting ‘ooh ooh ahh ahh’ and had waved it goodbye’.) She just would not walk the right way but I couldn’t pick her up with the coffee in my hand. This meant that I had to put the coffee down on something to pick her up and walk towards the car. However, she was so desperate to walk that she would immediately just throw herself at the floor. It was really quite stressful.

4. Do not take toddlers clothes shopping. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, Zara does love shopping but she wants to ‘carry’ the basket (drag it along the floor) and select items at random and throw them into a basket. I think I may have taken her shopping too much. She definitely has her own appreciation for clothes and accessories!

However, my main problem with shopping with a toddler involves me wanting to try on clothes. I have actually only been foolish enough to try this once since Zara can walk. I recently decided to try on a few items and thought Zara might enjoy looking at herself in the mirror in the changing room (considering she had just spend the whole time we were browsing the shop standing in front of a mirror shouting ‘wow’ at her reflection). I was wrong. Zara is of the opinion that the whole world is her stage. She waited until I was undressed and burst out from the behind the changing room curtain shouting ‘wow’ and giving herself a round of applause. She then spotted a large sofa and went to sit on it. She decided she couldn’t get up onto it on her own so started shouting for me to help her. Luckily the shop was very quiet so I managed to try a few things on with the curtain open so I could watch what she was doing. She was having a whale of a time until she fell off the sofa!

I am absolutely loving this stage. It’s amazing seeing her little character develop and so helpful that she can communicate so much more…even if it is to ask for a snack or Peppa!

Anyone else got any random dos and don’ts for parenting a toddler?

I’m in the process of trying to revamp my blog a little so watch this space!




2 thoughts on “4 random things I’ve learnt about parenting a toddler

  1. She’s adorable! I must agree, clothes shopping with a toddler is the worst. My little boy shouts the whole time I’m browsing!


    1. So stressful. Yesterday I was trying to take something back to Topshop and she kept wanting to climb on everywhere and pull all the jewellery off the stands. Why didn’t I take the buggy!!!!!


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