July Favourites

I felt like writing a bit of a different blog today. I really love watching vlogs on youtube and really enjoy watching favourites videos. I haven’t quite ventured into the vlogging realm yet so I thought I’d write a blog about some things I’ve been enjoying this month.

My July Favourites 

Beauty Products


Let The Good Times Roll. This is a facial cleanser from Lush made with maize flour, polenta and cinnamon. It claims to gently exfoliate, stimulate and revive your skin. I am always trying out new cleansers and flit from one to another but have fallen in love with this one. It makes my skin feel so soft and fresh and it smells amazing. I usually wear quite a lot of make up but after using this cleanser I really don’t feel like covering up my skin and go make up free!



Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. You can tell I am not any kind of beauty blogger. I took a photo demonstrating my love for this mascara whilst not wearing any other make up and at the end of a long day rainy day when I have a cold! As well as flitting between cleansers I tend to flit between different mascaras and pick up anything that catches my eye or use free samples from Clinique or Number 7 bonus time. I saw someone else mention this mascara in a favourites video so thought I’d pick one up whilst I was in Boots. I really like it. I like the shape of the brush and I like that if I curl my eye lashes first I only really need one or two coats. It fans out my lashes really well and makes them look really long.



Baby/Toddler Products 

I have only just bought Zara one of those towels that goes over your head like a poncho (do they have a special name?) but it has revolutionised getting dry after any activity involving water! Why have I only just bought one? It’s brilliant for throwing on her when she’s been playing in the paddling pool or her water tray in the garden and is soaked and perfect to put on her when she gets out of the swimming pool. She can wander round in it for a little bit and I know she’s warm and dry. She really likes wearing it…sometimes she puts it on over her clothes when she’s not wet. This one is from Home Bargains and cost about £5!


Tesco Active Graphic Print Leggings.  I do not have a picture of me wearing these (I did do a little instagram story wearing them a while ago…you can find me on instagram beckycook1). I picked these leggings up in the sale in tesco and didn’t have particularly high expectations. They looked pretty and were cheap. I’m not running that far at the moment so was sure they would be ok. They turned out to be really comfy and really flattering. I really like to have work out gear that I feel good in. If I feel good I feel more motivated. I’ve been for a few runs in them and they are perfect. The only slightly annoying thing is they don’t have any kind of little zip up pocket at the back like some of my other running leggings do so there is nowhere to put a key or anything.



Ginjams in Westbourne. 

Ginjams is a new gin and wine bar in Westbourne (Bournemouth) and is my idea of a perfect place to spend an evening. I first went there just with Dan and enjoyed a gin and tonic with Conker gin. I enviously watched as other people ate a variety of sharing platters. We were just drinking that evening as we had dinner reservations somewhere else. I knew I needed to go back and test out the sharing platter so rounded up some girls. The bar/restaurant has a really lovely atmosphere. Every detail has been thought through. I particularly love the gold and black cutlery. As you would expect from a wine and gin bar there is an extensive list of wine and gin but the menu is organised into countries and the sharing platters are also themed by country. We had the Italian Sharing Platter and it was delicious.

So there we go. A few things I’ve been enjoying in July. Please let me know in the comments if there is anything you have particularly been using and loving recently.





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