52 weeks of gratitude

A lot of thankfulness

I started out this year doing the 52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge and I haven’t written a post since week 27…it’s now week 38. Whoops. So this is my major catch up post because I was really enjoying the challenge and enjoying writing.

So here goes

Week 28: Your past. I think the reason I’ve got so behind is I keep trying to write posts about some of these bigger topics and then freaking out and not posting them. I actually wrote a whole post about why I’m thankful for my past but for now I’ll just say that I am!

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” 

Our past is so much a part of us. I am so thankful for the amazing things that have happened in my past. For meeting people who have encouraged, supported and loved me. For the opportunities I was given by my parents and teachers that helped me discover a love of music that has shaped my life. For decisions I’ve made about where I live, what church I go to and what job I do. I know that there are so many tiny details that have brought me to the place I am in now. I am also thankful for the harder times because I believe God can bring good out of bad situation.

Week 29: Your favourite memory. Who has one favourite memory???? Maybe finding out I was pregnant….a total surprise and shock (a good shock).

Week 30: Your current age. Well I’ve just turned the big 30. I think that the older I’ve got the more comfortable I’ve got in my own skin. I understand my strengths and my weaknesses and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved in my 30 years on this planet!

Week 31: Core Value. This is a random one! I’d say I am thankful for integrity. I’m not saying I have it but it’s something I want to have and it’s something I greatly admire in others.

Week 32: A city you’ve visited. I loved Budapest. We had such a random little city break there a few years ago. It was freezing cold but snowy and beautiful. 422278_674016521194_1588132583_n

Week 33: Something you look forward to. Christmas!!!!! I love Christmas and now we have Zara I am even more excited. Last year she was 5 weeks old so Christmas was a bit of a blur. This year she will probably refuse to nap all day and eat wrapping paper but it’s going to be fun!

Week 34: Things you like about fall. Warm clothes and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I am totally ready for jumpers, scarfs and boots. Just as I think we are there and I get wrapped up warm the sun comes back out and I look like an idiot and am boiling.

Week 35: Your neighbourhood. I like that we live near our friends and I can just wander round to other peoples houses when I can a spare hour or so.

Week 36: Your home. Well I am grateful that we have a home we can grow our family in and make memories. It may not be perfect but it is ours and we had to fight for it.

Week 37: Something you created. Well this one is easy. We created Zara! It still blows my mind that we created a little human with thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I just sit and watch her going about her business and think…’we made her’. It’s so cool! 14249744_10100252022314924_4708541809931458319_o



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