52 weeks of gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 27

Week 27: Favourite spot in your city 

I’ve just sat here for about 5 minutes staring gormlessly at the screen trying to pin point one particular favourite spot. I wrote a post a while ago about 5 things I love about living in Bournemouth. You can read this here.

My favourite spot is actually somewhere I didn’t think to mention in my previous post about Bournemouth. It is actually just outside Bournemouth but I’m sure it counts. My favourite spot is Hengistbury Head. If you haven’t been then you should. It is a beautiful area to go for a walk/run/cycle. hh.JPG

If I’m being even more specific my favourite bit is the spit at the end where there are the poshest beach huts you will ever find and beautiful beaches. Some of the beach huts are available to hire for £900+ a week. There is a restaurant called The Beach House. You can only get to this area by walking for about 20 minutes, by boat or by the land train. Being there makes me feel like I’m on holiday no matter what time of year it is.





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