52 weeks of gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 8

Week 8: Express gratitude to 3 people

I’m going to try to think outside the box a little bit for this post. In the last few days I have restarted running. I ran a little bit whilst pregnant but hadn’t run since Zara was born. My first post Zara run was amazing. It was pouring with rain but I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt great to be outside doing something on my own. To my surprise I could still run. Lugging pushchairs, car seats and Zara in her sling around must have done me some good. Anyway, starting running again made me think of some people I am grateful to who have inspired me and helped me along my running journey.

1. Lee and Rachel Rickards. Now this is random. Dan and I met Lee and Rachel on holiday in Corfu many moons ago. I had just started trying a bit of running before the holiday. Somehow we ended up getting chatting to Lee and Rachel and it turned out they were really into running. They gave me my first ever copy of Runners World and really inspired me to get more serious about running when I got home!

2. James Grant. My lovely friend James was absolutely instrumental in my running journey. We used to run together every week. James would encourage me and the poor man would run along with me at a pace well below his abilities. He knew when to push me harder and knew when I was doing my best! I have some fond memories of running through the pitch black muddy forest trying to use our phones for torches, running along the seafront trying every toilet to see if they were open (they weren’t) and trying to perfect the snot rocket.

3. Dan Cook. Dan came home from work yesterday so he could look after Zara whilst I went for a run even though it made him late for another commitment.


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