52 weeks of gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 7

Week 7: A friend 1

I’m glad this week’s challenge is titled ‘A friend 1’ because this means I get the opportunity to write about more friends later on in the year. It may seem a little mean to single out one friend but I have to admit that it isn’t that difficult for me to choose who to write about first. I do have many amazing friends from all different stages of my life but there is one lovely lady who has been my best friend since we met aged 4 and 5 and bonded over our Laura Ashley dresses.

Miss Emily Heath (soon to be Mrs Duffy…whoop)

I am so grateful for my friendship with Emily. We have grown up together. We curled up under chairs at Sunday school claiming we were snails, skived PE, recorded our slightly useless maths teacher trying to control a class, gave each other leg hugs, stayed up all night watching films, devised tutor assemblies and thought we were going to be the next ‘World Wide Message Tribe’ with our rap rendition of ‘I’m Special’. We shared a tent at Soul Survivor, sat next to each other in tutor time, sung together and told each other everything.

Emily is sensitive, kind and caring. She is brave, hard working and resilient. She doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone and I’ve never heard her snap or raise her voice. She is a fantastic dancer and singer and is amazingly patient when she has to help me learn dance routines. We share a love of musical theatre, badgers and chick flicks.

I miss the days when we saw each other every day at school, had sleepovers and talked all night but growing up together is exciting. Emily was my bridesmaid and I am so excited that I will be hers in a few weeks time. She is my daughter’s God Mother and I know we will continue to be a very special part of each others lives. Thank you Emily for being my bestest! 




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