5 ways to wake up a baby

5 silly ways I have woken up my sleeping baby

Despite the fact that there are times when my 9 week old baby Zara terrifies me because she is in such a deep sleep and doesn’t seem to wake up no matter what I do she generally is a pretty light sleeper. I spend most of my day trying to convince her to go to sleep and then usually accidentally wake her up in the most irritating ways. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve woken her up.

  1. Tripping over her play mat. Zara has a kick and play mat with a piano that plays music. I accidentally kicked the piano setting the music off and causing her to wake up.
  2. Feedback on the monitor. I went too near the monitor with the hand held bit and it made the loudest feedback sound!
  3. Coughing. An unexpected cough and splutter always seems to wake her up.
  4. Text messages interrupting her white noise. Zara sleeps with the sound of running water playing on my phone but if I get a text it interrupts the white noise.
  5. Turning a page in a book! I’m not joking. I simply turned the page in a book whilst she was napping next to me on the sofa and her eyes flew open!

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