52 weeks of gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 2

Week 2: Spouse or significant other

I have been married to my husband Dan for 7 years, 5 months and a couple of weeks. We’ve been together since we met in 6th form 11 years ago so we’ve grown up and become adults together. I am so thankful to Dan for more reasons than I can ever even begin to describe which makes writing this post quite difficult. I could list all the amazing things Dan has done for me over our 11 years of friendship, dating and marriage, the things we’ve experienced together and the support he’s given me. You might imagine that I would want to write about the new adventure we’ve started together as parents and my gratitude for the amazing Dad that he is. All of these things are true but the thing I am most thankful for in Dan is one aspect of his character.

Dan is the most positive person and the most calm person I have ever met. He has a completely positive outlook on life and refuses to see things negatively. He never worries but he doesn’t do this naively. If there is a problem he addresses it and he works out what to do about it.

Whenever something is difficult I always ask Dan if it’s going to be ok and he always says yes. When Dan says it’s going to be ok I believe him and it usually is!

I am usually the complete opposite. I worry about the silliest of things. I am so thankful that I have a husband who puts up with stresses and worries, who always puts my mind at ease and who manages to stay positive no matter what.

(I am also incredibly thankful for all the fun we have had together over the years so I’ve shared a few photos of some highlights)12246929_10153788601269380_7636966733018381839_n963788_789321139814_1236234658_o538454_10152398290110433_44490485_n403090_674016556124_161775896_n1929462_513193032754_4317_n299884_10150784965245433_2028985_n1914377_282394425432_1354225_n1923917_522025692034_4083_n1929113_507145926204_2142_n229469_10150180924827377_1342625_n).


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